Spring 2023: Unnecessary Farce

written by Paul Slade Smith

directed by Eddie Page

Performance Dates: 

8pm: Fridays and Saturdays – April 21, 22, 28, 29; May 5, 6

2pm: Sundays: April 30, May 7, 2023

Unnecessary Farce

An award-winning comedy by Paul Slade Smith, combines all the elements of classic farce with a contemporary plot. Two cops. Three crooks. Eight doors. Go! Set in an economy motel, an embezzling small-town mayor is to meet with his female accountant. In the room next door, two inept undercover cops aim to catch the mayor on camera doing the guilty deeds. When the camera catches a bit of unrehearsed hanky-panky and a kilt-wearing, bagpipe-wielding, hit-man stumbles into the fray, comic pandemonium ensues!

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