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Vienna Theatre Company welcomes people of all talents and experience.
Auditions are held at the Vienna Community Center 120 Cherry St Vienna VA.
Auditions are cold readings from the script, no monologues needed.
No appointments are necessary, See below for specific dates and times.

Auditions for Ken Ludwig’s “Leading Ladies”

Directed by Eleanore Tapscott

Stage Manager: Micheal O’Connor

Fight Choreography by Mike Donahue

Dance Choreography by Victoria Bloom

Produced by Jessie Roberts


Audition Dates:

Tuesday, October 22, 2019, 7:30 pm to 10:15 pm

Wednesday, October 23, 2019, 7:30 pm to 10 pm

Callbacks:  Thursday, October 24, by invitation only. Candidates will be given a call time.


Performance Dates:

January 17, 18, 24, 25, 31, February 1 @ 8 pm; January 26 and February 2 @ 2 pm.


Rehearsals will start immediately after casting and are planned for 3-4 weeknights (7-10 pm) and Saturday afternoons (1-5 pm). The schedule will be finalized after the show is cast and actors’ conflicts have been accounted for. All rehearsals/performances at the Vienna Community Center. Tech rehearsals start Saturday, January 11, 2020. Double-tech is Sunday, January 12, and attendance is mandatory.


Play Summary:

This romantic farce centers on two D-list English actors, Jack and Leo, who find themselves so down on their luck that they are performing “Scenes from Shakespeare” on the Moose Lodge circuit in the Amish country of Pennsylvania in the 1950s. When they hear that an old lady in York, PA is about to die and leave two-thirds of her fortune to her two long lost English nephews, Max and Steve, they resolve to pass themselves off as these beloved relatives and get the cash. When they discover that ‘Max’ and ‘Steve’ are really ‘Maxine’ and ‘Stephanie,’ they continue, undaunted, in drag (think Some Like It Hot). Complicating matters, Leo falls head-over-heels in love with the old lady’s niece, Meg, heir to the other third of the fortune, and Jack falls in love with Audrey, a friend of the old lady’s family, necessitating that they play both the nieces and themselves. Meg, who’s engaged to the local stuffy minister, knows that there’s a wide world out there, but it’s not until she meets “Maxine and Stephanie” that she finally gets a taste of it. What follows is a classic farcical pastiche full of deceptions, romances, chaos, lots and lots of quick costume changes (think Mrs. Doubtfire / Tootsie) but not so many slamming doors.


For the Audition:

Auditions will consist of readings from the script and everyone auditioning should come with a short (1 minute) Shakespeare soliloquy (or sonnet) or monologue. Please provide an accurate list of all tentative and known conflicts between October 26 and February 2. A conflict will not necessarily preclude you from being cast, as the director will work around actors’ conflicts to the best of her ability. Since there will be no double casting, conflicts during the last two weeks of rehearsal or during performances may affect casting decisions.

The casting team is looking for strong characters that take themselves seriously despite ridiculous situations. Leo and Jack must be believable as women. The style of this play is farce, meaning the action is fast paced and there is lots of physical movement. Please dress comfortably for the audition and be prepared to do an improv and/or a short movement segment from our dance choreographer and/or fight choreographer.



Actors reading for the roles of Leo/Maxine and Jack/Stephanie will be asked to speak in British accents for both their male and female roles during the audition. Accents can be a challenge but do your best. Note: dialect coaching will be available during the rehearsal process.


In the play, many of the characters are involved in rehearsals for a production of Twelfth Night. Leo, Jack, and Meg must appear to ‘speak’ Shakespeare fluently; the other characters will need to show varying degrees of ability.



Leo and Jack fight with swords during their ‘Scenes from Shakespeare’ bit. There is a party scene in Act 2 during which some of the characters perform a tango. In that same scene, Leo and Meg also dance a few steps ala Fred (Astaire) and Ginger (Rogers). The scene change from the train compartment where Leo and Jack hatch their plot to Florence’s house will have dance movement.


Physical contact:

Almost everyone kisses someone during the play and Jack (when appearing as Stephanie) is kissed by two of the male characters. No kisses will be required at auditions.


Role Summary

Casting 5-7 men (ages 20s-60s), 3 women (20s-60s). A couple of minor roles may be cast singly or doubled. All races and ethnicities are welcome. The age ranges refer to how the characters should come across to the audience, not the actual ages of the actors.


Character Descriptions

Auditions for Vienna Theatre Company’s, Theatre for Young Audiences production of Cinderella

written by Ruth Newton
directed by Scott Olson

Audition Dates:
Monday, October 28 – 7:00pm
Tuesday, October 29, 7:15pm

Performance Dates: 11:00am and 2pm, January 25 and February 1

All performances and auditions will be held at the Vienna Community Center

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